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To the Ends of the Earth by Mary Anne Ackatz      The Imitator Comes Home

Ripped from his family at an early age by a corporation known as Axis, a think tank of sorts, Gabriel is forced to perform complicated simulations and analogies for what he is told is the betterment of humankind. Gabriel is a genius, a person with a photographic memory and a brain like a sponge, absorbing every detail with perfect recall. Along the way, the focus of the work changed and some of his work was sold to the highest bidder resulting in death and destruction of people and buildings. Gabriel discovered this and vowed to stop it. He escaped from the confines of his forced imprisonment.

Gabriel's work generated a lot of money for Axis and Triad, an organization who has financed much of his work. With his departure, the income diminished, so the search is on to find Gabriel and brings him back. However, he eludes capture on numerous occasions as he traverses the country in search of clues to his past life, and the family he doesn't remember.

Along the way, Gabriel has adventures that help other people, finds love, endures tragedy, and in the end must decide what he is destined to be and do in life. But will he be able to escape Axis and Triad and finally live out the life he chooses?  Find out in Mary Anne Ackatz’ To the Ends of the Earth.

Following the death of much of Axis’s leadership, Gabriel and Amanda assumed control of the day-to-day operations of the Axis Corporation and began making it profitable once again. With them in control, legitimate and legal work was being done to help others. They worked together with the people who had worked there for many years to create products that are marketed to aerospace businesses as well as creating software programs that can be marketed to various businesses across the globe. There are also advances in the medical machinery field. The research done at Axis now was only for benefitting mankind. None of the information would be offered for bad purposes ever again.

In this book sequel titled The Imitator Comes Home, author Mary Anne Ackatz tells the continuing saga of Gabriel Russell as he and his family and friends are in a desperate race to find Jeremiah and finds a place he can call home. He is abducted from a friend’s house just after he rescues his son. He is injured and loses his memory and eyesight. Now, the Russell family begins their search for Gabriel. Along the way, Amanda and the children learn much about the man they love, and what he has done for others in his years away from Axis. Will they locate Gabriel and save him from further harm at the hands of his captors? Will Amanda and the children be safe? Will Gabriel finally find a place to call home?


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